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Guns N’ Roses FAQ Preview

September 16, 2016


Bursting onto the Los Angeles rock scene in the mid-1980s, Guns N’ Roses redefined rock ‘n’ roll – turning back the tide on the excesses of glam metal and the banality of MTV-spawned New Wave/synth pop by infusing the blistering hard rock of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith with a punk sensibility that hearkened back to the onstage anarchy of the Stooges, New York Dolls, and Sex Pistols. In 1987, GN’R released the seminal album Appetite for Destruction, which reached number one on the U.S. charts and to date has sold more than 30 million copies, making it the bestselling debut album of all time in the United States. However, GN’R’s outrageous excesses and self-destructiveness led to turmoil in the early 1990s as the original band members went their own ways – all except lead singer Axl Rose, who forged on through a series of lineup changes to finally release the long-awaited album Chinese Democracy in 2008.

Guns N’ Roses FAQ charts the amazing journey of the band from their early West Hollywood club days to their skyrocketing success in the late 1980s and their downfall in the 1990s – all the way to their 2012 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the reunion of three of the five classic band members during the 2016 Not in This Lifetime Tour. Readers will discover a treasure trove of interesting material in Guns N’ Roses FAQ, such as the band’s earliest influences and venues, most notorious concerts, opening acts, highlights of their seemingly endless Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion tours, bizarre TV appearances (like the time they destroyed the set of MTV’s Headbangers Ball!), feuds, the story behind their music videos, best and worst covers (Pat Boone, anyone?), and much more.

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Flashback Blues

October 11, 2015

Description of James Taylor concert, 2001, Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, North Carolina (author unknown)

Surrounded by dull, obnoxious yuppies, old blue hairs, bored college students and hyperactive kids. Everybody’s got a cell phone. We’re looking for a patch of grass to lay our blanket but they’ve oversold the lawn seats again and everybody’s packed in like sardines. We finally squeeze into a 4-foot by 4-foot spot next to a rapidly diminishing aisle. It’s standing room only behind us. An aging, sagging blonde next to me—who has had way too much to drink—starts dancing to a crappy song about a pineapple. She’s flailing her fat arms, spilling beer on my head and dropping ashes from her cigarette into my lap.

Let’s face it, the modern-day concert experience has gone to shit.

Now comes the tedious “Steamroller” bit where Taylor dances and struts around the stage like a rooster with its head cut off. I’m so sick of this fuckin’ song that I just want to head to the parking lot and puke my guts out.

As we make our exit, a bored limo driver asks us if it’s Taylor’s last song. “Hopefully,” I reply. He seems to find this very funny for some reason. I see no humor in it at all.

1940’s Freak Show

October 8, 2015